Good Cheer Brewing Company

Dean Moberley
Finely crafted ales and brick oven pizza served in a family fun environment with a focus on celebration.
As passionate home brewers, my business partner and I are aiming to launch a brewery on the western side of Spotsylvania county, adjacent to Rt 3. We envision building a craft brewery with celebration as our central theme. Ideally, we would like to build a stand alone unit for the brewing operation, along with a casual tasting room to include a brick oven pizza menu, and an outdoor "beer garden" atmosphere. We would like to fence in the outdoor area, include a nice playground for children to enjoy, and create a great space for open air music. We have spent years crafting a solid core menu of ales from among the most popular styles to offer our customers. We also plan to provide an exciting selection of limited edition and seasonal brews. Our initial focus will be on tasting room sales as we begin developing distribution partners. The demand for local craft beer has and will continue to far exceed the supply for years to come. This new business horizon has been strongly aided by the changes in legislation that has permitted the local brewer to sell for on-site consumption. Legal tasting rooms are what created the viability for Virginia to become covered in successful wineries, now breweries have their catching up to do. Thank you for considering our new venture and we hope to work with you soon!
Team Members:
  • Dean (D.J.) Moberley
  • Jay Murray