Sun Token

Hector Campos
Ready to enter a worldwide booming market, my hand craft is a revolutionary smoking pipe combining cherry wood, glass, & solar energy.
Visit to learn more! I am lovingly hand crafting a never before seen type of product. I have built my own assembly line and e-commerce store to supply the demand. I am hand crafting a solar vaporizing smoking pipe made of cherry wood and borosilicate glass. It is to enjoy the many traditional and medicinal dry herbs of the world used throughout history. Legal dry herbs in Virginia include blue lotus, tobacco, white sage, kratom, and more. This is a booming industry and my product currently has no equal, strategically putting my product in a prime spot to become a classic among smoking products. It is called, The Sun Token (tm) When the sun is down, or when you are indoors, it functions as a traditional pipe. It is made from cherry wood (a pleasant smelling wood used for pipes throughout history) and borosilicate glass, a modern high end material for my target market. Indoors and when the sun is down, you can use it like a normal pipe. WHEN THE SUN IS OUT, and free from cloud cover, you snap a magnetic dome on top of it (included), and with the use of a magnifying lens (included) you can vaporize your herb. This form of smoking is healthier- due to a lower burn temperature by over 3,000 degrees F. It does not contain butane or flint smoke which is toxic. The hits feel better and taste better due to burning more essential oils and less plant material. It is incredibly fun to use and show people. It is also beautiful to watch the vapors dance around inside of the dome. It is wind proof, saves your smoke in an airtight dome, conserves your dry herb, and YOUR HITS SPAN THE SOLAR SYSTEM. You literally smoke with star power. Put that on a tie die t-shirt! Finer models can eventually be made that incorporate crystals, local rocks, bugs, and other art work encapsulated in resin and mated with the wood. The novelty factor, relative health factor, cool factor, art factor, function factor, and affordability factor as all hitting the right spots. It will forever be the original solar dome vaporizing system. I have put in a year's worth of hard research and design and this contest is the first time it is being announced to the public. This is a global product that will revolutionize solar smoking and proudly bare "hand crafted in Fredericksburg VA" burned on the underside of the wood. I have an e-commerce store up, facebook, instagram, all launching this year and just need to refine my assembly line over time and promote the business this upcoming year. I hope you come and see me present my product. Go to to learn more or buy one of the very first Sun Tokens!