TrakSafeT Inc.

Anthony Worthey
Our business focuses on minimizing accidents/collisions at all grade-level railroad crossings, across the nation and around the world.
TrakSafeT was surprised about the inadequacies of safety measures that are currently in place at grade level railroad crossings. Thousands of railroad crossing accidents/collisions resulting in hundreds of fatalities and injuries occur every year as a result of those measures. After wanting to improve crossing safety measures, a two year period of helplessness occurred trying to understand ways to fix this problem. Then another fatal train accident occurred in Valhalla New York, February 2015, in which a commuter train collided with a vehicle and took the life of a mother of three, along with five other passengers. My personal outrage about yet another fatal train accident was that this accident was purely preventable, so it brought my ambition back into action. Within a period of another year, an intellectual concept was designed, patent protections were submitted and the company was built around the concept.
Team Members:
  • Tim Berry
  • Thomas Stallworth
  • Anthony Worthey
  • Sharon Worthey