Steve Labrador
Hapcast is a mobile messaging app that lets businesses post Sales & Events and lets consumers find “what's happening” around them.
Hapcast is a time-sensitive and location-aware messaging platform for businesses to communicate with consumers. Hapcast messages, called “Haps”, are broadcast through the platform and users filter them based on their interests and desires. Whether it is a Sale, an Event, or simply Time-Sensitive Information (like a food truck’s location, or a gas station’s daily prices), Hapcast gives businesses the power to reach a broad audience quickly and easily with time-sensitive offers and info. Equally important, Hapcast empowers users by placing them in complete control. No profiling algorithms making best guesses of consumer wants. No push notifications except those that the consumer requests based on their specified criteria. Hapcast users even remain anonymous to the businesses until they opt-in to additional upgraded services like micro-loyalty programs. Hapcast will change how businesses reach out to consumers and in turn, how consumers find businesses.
Team Members:
  • Charlie Kaiman
  • Kris Carter