2 Hearts 1 Dress

Stacey Thomas
2 Hearts 1 Dress offers new and used maternity wear and aspires to create a community of mothers in the Fredericksburg region.
As a local mom of 4 I aim to open a storefront in downtown Fredericksburg that will simplify the process of shopping for and unloading maternity clothing, accessories and related items by offering a location to both shop for and sell new and used maternity goods. Additionally I aim to create a much needed network of mothers by offering monthly mom's-night-out options as well as connections to the community for information and support. 2 Hearts 1 Dress is a community based store, relying heavily on local families and businesses to supply all of our needs, with a firm goal of offering a non-profit section of the company to serve the areas under-privileged women by providing free maternity clothes and services.