Dorothea Barr
The PETPOOHDO is a Pet Pooh Zone for small to medium sized domestic pets which doubles as a end/coffee table.
The business will manufacture and sell online the PETPOOHDO (patented and trademarked). The PETPOOHDO was designed to effectively contain the pet eliminations of various domestic pets under 25 pounds (cats, dogs, rabbits...). The product has been tested and improved over the last three years, capitalizing on the time allocated for the Patenting and Trademark processes. The product will be manufactured from recycled materials, using local labor. The product will be provided to fulfillment centers for distribution, ensuring timely product shipping to U.S. pet owners. This product is perfect for pet owners with limited space, elderly pet owners who have a difficult time getting their pet outside, workaholics who have a difficult time getting home "in-time", and for those with pets exhibiting unique elimination characteristics. This product effectively addresses containment issues heretofor unresolved by the competition. Does your Pet Pooh? Ours do to! Get the PETPOOHDO - because all Pets Do Pooh!